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Banking is a crucial component of the global financial system, providing a wide range of financial services to individuals, businesses, and governments. It involves various activities related to managing money, facilitating transactions, and offering financial products and services.

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Fixed-rate mortgage

Fixed-rate mortgage

With a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rate remains constant throughout the loan term. This provides stability in monthly mortgage payments, making it easier to budget.

Variable rate mortgage

Adjustable-rate mortgage

This mortgage can increase or decrease in tandem with broader interest rate trends. The initial interest rate on an ARM is usually below the interest rate on a comparable fixed-rate loan

Home power plan

Government-backed mortgages

This mortgages can be easier to qualify for compared to conventional loans. This can make them a good choice if you have a lower income, don’t have perfect credit or can’t afford a large down payment

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1% cash back

A 1% cash back credit card returns 1% of the amount you spend on purchases back to you in the form of cash back rewards.

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4.0% APY

The higher the APY on your account, the more money you can earn. Almost all savings accounts, and even some checking accounts, have APYs.

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5.0% APY 1-Year Fixed Rate

Checking accounts for day-to-day transactions and savings accounts for storing funds and earning interest.

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